30 is enough to avoid most AoE spells

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uk canada goose So we definitely getting into minmaxer territory here but using an Owl with flyby means they can begin and end their turn 30ft from the enemy without provoking an AoO. If an enemy goes for the familiar it a waste of 10gp but it kills an enemy attack. 30 is enough to avoid most AoE spells. uk canada goose

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Canada Goose Parka Not a quick chop. Afterward they sat his severed head on top of his body facing the camera and continues spewing whatever bullshit. Poor baby. Reminds me of Earl Thomas. Same height and size and speed. Keep Bradley at SS. Can add a comment about the fact it happened twice, the first time I didn have any message, I just had on my client “Game in progress” but didn got the game going on. I restarted my client and I came back to the home page, finding a “remake game” on my profile, and a loss of Lp since it was Ranked. I though it was just a casual error and I started another game, ranked too Canada Goose Parka.