After her husband death she continued to play with her own

EA is a pretty obvious answer, but other than that it’s kinda tough to find objectively bad ones. Fans will go out of their way to say a company is awful when they really aren’t bad at all. Some people will say a company sucks because the games they make don’t appeal to them.

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Canada Goose sale Grievous didn’t say a word, stared at senators, and followed him around the entire time; so I guess the goal of introducing a fucking psychopath was successfully set up.I think they need to make them films distinct. And having a full film of a group of Jedi alone against Grevious would be great. Even do it in real time.They could decently play up the Alien/Xenomorph aspect by having Grevious running and hiding aorund the debris of the ship, forcing them to split up so he can pick them off.I would also hope they focus on “lesser known” Jedi like Kiadi Mundi and Shaak TiEdit: I also forgot to mention the Battle of Hyperion is canon Canada Goose sale.