came in the November looking for somewhere in the mountains

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canada goose In an exclusive interview with the Lochaber Times, Indian hotel tycoons Sanjay Narang and his sister, Rachna, tell how they fell in love with the western Highlands and why they bought three local hotels on the spur of the moment.The road along the side of Loch Garry is remote at the best of times, but with the heavy covering of snow that fell recently, it made the trip more like a journey across the Arctic.A freezing white mist hung over the dark waters of the loch, shrouding the pine trees in a winter wonderland cloak like something from a Christmas card.It was easy to see why millionnaire Mumbai businessman Sanjay Narang and his sister, Rachna, fell in love with the area.In fact they liked it to so much they each bought a house along the loch shore a year ago, complete with over 200 acres of land, from where they can oversee the transformation of the three Highland hotels they have also now bought for 3million.Not many of us have the financial clout that, on experiencing a disappointing stay in canada goose outlet nyc a hotel, we can just buy three of them with the aim of providing a better service.But paying 140 a night for what he claimed were dirty rooms, cold water in the shower and microwaved meals served by a carpenter did not impress Mr Narang and he was to do something about it.And that is how the Narangs came to ownthe Cluanie Inn at Glenmoriston, which retains its name; Letterfinlay Lodge, near Spean Bridge, which has been rechristened as The Whispering Pine Lodge, and Craigard House at canada goose freestyle vest uk Invergarry, which becomes Rokeby Manor.Scaffolding shrouds the former Letterfinlay Lodge Hotel as it undergoes a major refurbishment.The businesses changed owners last May but did not close for total refurbishment until October 1 as bookings had to be honoured.Since then, however, workmen have been working almost round the clock as part of a near 7 million refurbishment, rebranding and new extensions.Educated at a school in the Himalayas, Mr Narangstudied hotel management at Cornell University in the United States and established the Mars Group in 1991 it is now a major force in the food and hospitality industry in India.Rachna,who also studied at Cornell University, is responsible for designing all Mars hotels and restaurants from commencement.He told the Lochaber Times it was last winter that he and Rachna came to the Highlands looking to canada goose clearance buy somewhere for a house that could be the focal point of a new village development built in the traditional style.came in the November looking for somewhere in the mountains where we could create a house.basically love mountains and were talking to some people in the government. We said we were looking somewhere remote and that it must have a loch, because that what Scotland all about, and have snow in the winters, Mr Narang told us.Government officials introduced the couple to an expert on Highland mountain regions and a year ago they started to whittle down a shortlist that would meet the Narangs criteria for a Highland home.was while we were waiting to hear from them canada goose outlet store new york that we found the house just along from this one, on Airbnb, and which we rented for a couple of days.arrived late at night, along a road covered in snow that seemed to go on forever. It was pitch black when we arrived, we couldn Full Article see a thing, and when we got up at 7am the next day, it was still pitch black.when the sun came up was simply breathtaking canada goose.