Estimated collector value is $15 to $20 dollars

souvenir china Shoes in Miniature

This light blue baby shoe has an open tongue and mild impressions of eyelets on the upper edge of the shoe. It also has impressions of creases canada goose outlet near me on the vamp or upper and lines where the individual pieces would have joined. It is made of a moderately good grade of porcelain and it lightweight. There are no chips, cracks or crazing on the shoe.

canada goose clearance The shoe measures 4 5/8 in length, 3 7/8 in height and is 2 1/8 wide. Although it looks as if it could have been used as a planter, it is clean and unused in the interior. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets The shoe is decorated with flower sprigs on both sides. On the vamp is a souvenir picture of a building and street scene. The shoe is marked NEW ORLEANS, LA above the scene and LACE BALCONIES below the scene. This is a Canada Goose sale well visited tourist stop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. These balconies are very lovely. This shoe is marked with the LA abbreviation for Louisiana so it was made after 1964. Canada Goose Jackets

The label is intact and on the sole of the heel. Silver and black, it says IN QUALITY JAPAN SPIN original. There is canada goose outlet michigan no information regarding the SPIN original name on the internet or in the research books. However, recently there are two pieces of this brand products on eBay a girl figurine in very good condition that sold for $8.50 and a figural dog with a small chip that sold for $5.00. Neither, however, were souvenir pieces.

canada goose black friday sale This shoe is in excellent condition and has souvenir value as well. With its intact mark and the name of canada goose outlet the Japanese maker labeled canada goose clearance uk on the shoe its value will be higher than shoes without these features. Estimated collector value is $15 to $20 dollars. Its manufacturing date is probably in the late 1960s and 1970s, making this shoe approximately 35 to 40 years old canada goose black friday sale

Information regarding porcelain versus pottery figural and shoes in in Collectible Glass Shoes by Earlene Wheatley, canada goose outlet las vegas published canada goose outlet in chicago by Schroeder Publishing, 2001. Other information from personal papers of BP.

Baby Bootie with Silk Flowers 028

This is a white porcelain baby shoe with a blue ribbed top, peach colored stars around the bottom near the sole and dabbed flowers on the sides. It also has a dark blue painted ribbon which goes in and out of a design in the shoe.

canadian goose jacket It measures 3 3/8 in length, 2 5/8 in height and 2 in width. Perfect condition, with no chips or cracks. canadian goose jacket

The shoe is decorated with a satin purple ribbon tied in a bow and a purple silk flower with leaves. It has two strands of little pearls sticking out from the flower. It is actually quite cute and fairly well made.

cheap Canada Goose Yong Feng Shangdian is the store in the China Pavillion in Epcot Village in the DisneyWorld Complex in Orlando, Florida. It is the only Yong Feng Shangdian store that I have found on the Internet and there were Florida government papers documenting the formation of this store with a canada goose outlet new jersey fictionalized name for this specific site. The shoe is assumed to have been manufactured in China. cheap Canada Goose

I have no recall of purchasing this shoe, but our family did visit Epcot in 1986, so it is possible it was a purchase then. My only question is the price. Could this really have only cost $1.50? Actually it probably did. I keep forgetting that 1986 was 21 years ago.

Estimated value now is probably $7.00 to $10.00 on canada goose careers uk a site like eBay.

Information from interviews and personal papers of BJ and BP.

canada goose uk outlet The word souvenir comes from a French word which means remember or to come to mind. It refers to a keepsake that serves as a reminder of a special moment, person, or place. German china was a very popular souvenir in the United States, and though it was commonly called German china, it was also made in Austria, Bohemia and Poland. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Online This porcelain is highly reflective of the general mood of the Victorian Age. The pieces showed scenes, buildings or people that were important to the people of that time, and give us a glimmer into the Victorian mind. Canada Goose Online

This shoe, which is approximately 1/3rd larger than the photo, is white porcelain china and top down rose tinting is applied to the top of the shoe. This is a commemorative or souvenir china shoe. On the top of the shoe is a detailed rendition of a building and underneath the picture is written ‘High School New London Wis. These shoes were manufactured in Germany and Austria beginning in 1893 for the Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, IL until the canada goose outlet mall German Blockade in 1915 during WW I. This piece was an acquisition of the Lillian P. Wood Memorial Collection, purchased at a Madison, Wisconsin area antique store in the late 1990s. Estimated value is $40.00 to $55.00.

canada goose uk shop Information from Collector’s Guide to Souvenir China by Laurence W. Williams published by Schroeder Publishing Co., 1998. canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Parka Here the scoop. My grandmother collected miniature shoes nearly her entire canada goose outlet locations life. I loved her shoe collection and would plead to with the shoes whenever I could. I loved each shoe so much, I would even spend the occasional Saturday morning dusting the shoe cabinet and each individual shoe. I was the only relative that showed any interest in her shoes and when she died in March, 1993 at the age of 91, she willed all the miniature shoes to me. Canada Goose Parka

So there are a lot of these shoes? Just how many are we going for here? 30? 50? 75?

Not exactly. More like, uh, maybe 650.

buy canada goose jacket 650 miniature shoes! Really? And so now what? buy canada goose jacket

So now I going to work on my macro photo techniques, research each of the shoes, and catalog/document them all in this blog. I try to feature at least one shoe a day and I probably have enough shoes to make this a two year job. Eventually I going to convert this blog into a full fledged website. That the long term goal.

And just who is going to visit this blog now and that website when it up and running?

Mmm. Me! And maybe my daughters and my best buddies. And the many miniature shoe lovers that are out there in cyberspace. Oh, and Grandma she be taking a peek now and then to make certain her collection is well loved and getting well documented. Once in a while I even hear her chuckle.