For instance, nearly a quarter of the grandparents weren’t

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1 point submitted 6 days agoI have reported multiple comments from a user who tells me to “KYS” which means ” Kill Your Self” and nothing was ever done about it. Is this not against the rules? I completely undrstand that we have a very flourishing group of SJW in our community who become verbally violent when you do not adhere to their ideology but telling someone to go buy canada goose jacket kill themselves is against reddit site wide rules I believe, since it is advocating for violence.roudyrod 0 points submitted 12 days agoDo I have evidence that the canada goose clothing uk CIA engages in secretive missions and discloses on a need to know basis? What the fuck are you even asking?That is their job covered under title 50 of the US code, you are speculating that there are even MORE top secret missions that the leadership doesn even know canada goose outlet paypal about. That is what I asking about.Yeah, there should be a TON of evidence for secretive missions that are covered up with essentially unlimited funding and an arsenal of unknown 0Day exploits for essentially every electronic device.Unknown? One of the main exploits used in Stuxnet came canada goose outlet niagara falls from the conficker worm.

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