I have more tastebuds than the average person

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My grandma tried to make me eat. She yell at me at the dinner table. I am a picky eater which means I am a super taster. I have more tastebuds than the average person. I also have major food allergies. She would boil everything to death and her idea of “green vegetables” was boiled bitter greens, like collard greens. I kept saying I didn like it. She was a County Home Demonstration Agent and thought she knew all about nutrition. Bragged about eating a “variety of foods”.

I did not have Chinese food until I was about 22. My dad refused to go to a Chinese place under any circumstances. I did not have Japanese food until I was 35 and a date took me to Benihana.

I like Chinese and Japanese food because I can get stuff I like (teppanyaki grill vegetables) and don have to cross examine the staff about the food to make sure I avoid tomatoes and peppers and spicy stuff. I don like sushi.

canada goose uk shop They were too old to have the stamina to make me sit at the table all night. She was a battleaxe, and acted like it was a personal affront when I wouldn eat foods I couldn stand the smell of. I got yelled at all the time and told, “You don eat enough to keep a bird alive! canada goose outlet online store You are going to starve to death!”. canada goose uk shop

Mom would stand around and eat raw bell peppers, raw onions and raw tomatoes like they were yummy. Well guess what? I have a deadly nightshade allergy, which includes tomatoes and bell peppers. And guess who I inherited that allergy from? Dad.

I still don like the crap she tried to shove down me. They never tried to bodily force food down me, but they sure yelled a lot.

Canada Goose online I think I partway have an eating disorder. I don eat very much and sometimes will go all day without eating before I realize I hungry. I have a dead thyroid so I have a slow metabolism. I never got fat, but I had a few extra pounds sometimes. It really was bad. Being yelled at for not eating grandma shitty Southern cooking, and then getting the side eye from Mom about my weight!! Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet They all long dead now. I could have been happy with a peanut official canada goose outlet butter sandwich and a glass of milk, but NO, Grandma Battleaxe and Mother Cudgel had to yell at me for not eating their slop. Canada Goose Outlet

Mom was a good cook, but she was such a mama girl that when she was around her domineering mother, she did whatever grandma wanted and never stood up to her.

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Canada Goose Online My mom was a lot like that. Besides bitching about how little and slowly I ate, she basically had a captive audience and reamed me out at every meal for anything and everything she could think of. She was never happy. My stomach just clamped shut and made it almost impossible to eat. Canada Goose Online

I never deliberately chose to withhold food from myself, but I was really skinny, and had a hard time eating. I wanted to put on some pounds and be more curvy, but it never cheap canada goose really happened. I old now and she died in 1985. I was diagnosed with PTSD, but I far enough removed from it that it just a distant memory.

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Yeah, I think a lot of us had crazy parents. My mom had some serious problems. Dad was a dry drunk, but he at least was much more sane and rational than mom. There were lots of things I got no advice about, and as a result, I made a lot of mistakes just from not knowing any better. We were your basic uptight white middle class family.

She was addicted to prescription tranks. Heavy ones, not just valium. Stuff that would knock a normal person on their ass for a couple https://www.drachen-spiele.de of days. Now, they track the prescribing of dangerous drugs. Back in the canada goose outlet sale toronto sixties, they gave housewives lots of drugs so they wouldn raise hell. She became a useless zombie. Grandma was the domineering battleaxe and mom was the good little girl. When I was growing up, you didn talk about your problems. Only “crazy people” went to a psychiatrist. Psychology and sociology weren real sciences. They were black arts. I graduated from high school in 1972.

uk canada goose outlet When I was in high school, I got sick of my parents griping at each other all the time and Canada Goose Outlet couldn stand it. I didn know what the problem was, just that they drove me crazy. canada goose uk online store Now I know it called “lack of boundaries” and “no privacy” and “overprotective parents”.. So I went to a counseling center. I got my parents to go to a sliding scale counseling center, but canada goose black friday new york it didn help. They canada goose repair uk continued their griping canada goose outlet store near me their whole lives and never resolved anything. They were married for 53 years until dad died in 2000. Mom died in 2002. She was in bad shape physically because she sat on her ass and slept just to spite Dad for about fifty years. uk canada goose outlet

I suspect that if I went to counseling and really started digging, I could spend lots of time figuring out how messed up my childhood was.

I probably have PTSD from various things that canada goose outlet store winnipeg have happened in my past. There are a lot of goose outlet canada things that people in the thread have said they didn know at the time was abusive. That good that you stopped remembering it vividly.

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cheap canada goose uk I think Patton and MacArthur were both assholes who give the military a bad name. MacArthur for being a publicity hound and disobeying Harry Truman. Patton for the famous incident where he was going through a hospital full of wounded soldiers and slapping the piss out of two injured soldiers, and telling them to “just get over it” when the guyshad what they called “Shell shock” and “Combat fatigue”. WE LIVE HERE, SECRET STORY, A MAP OF THE WORLD (original movie soundtrack), ONE QUIET NIGHT. cheap canada goose uk

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You want Heavy Metal You Got Heavy Metal. Crazy Russian composers make everybody work really hard in the orchestra. Their main idea is “LOUD IS GOOD”.