I honestly understand why vegans feel the way they do (sort of)

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Veganism is interesting because most vegans are women, specifically White women who live in affluent areas and first world countries. I have a theory that has not been tested scientifically, but I think women are more proned to be vegan because estrogen hardwires the brain to be more caring to others and such, hence why it is called a “mother canada goose outlet us complex”. I honestly understand why vegans feel the way they do (sort of), but I also don understand..

This cartoonist lived in Reno Nevada (he might have moved by now) but that how I got to meet him. No creepy thing or bad thing went down. It was actually really cool to learn what some aspiring cartoonist have to do to get into the industry and how much art they had to have in a professional portfolio.

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The iPhone could not have been a continued success with Apple alone, and would struggled without third parties filling the needs of consumers. They want to act like they made it all possible. There would have been grumbling from the group of can do this on Android why can I do this on iOS but that group always exists..

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I guess you want see more “justice” done but i do not think we really in a position to pass final judgement. I guess it like how we may see a kid acting up against their parents. We may wonder why they tolerate him or her so much and why the kid hasn been punished, but most of the time i don think it our place to walk up to the parents and say “hey you doing a bad job of raising your kid”..

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