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canada goose uk shop I aware why the team does it because at the end of the day they make a lot more money https://www.elcortezlv.com if they have a deep playoff run with healthy players, but it is something the league needs to be careful with because it canada goose jacket black friday sale uk could go very south very quickly.Would you really watch the NBA if in 10 years all canadian goose coat black friday of the “superstars” only play 70% of the season due to load management?Also widely known within people who follow sports closely isn the same as widely known by anyone who would buy tickets to a basketball game. You also get situations where he sits out the first game of a back to back (that was new).Also I would say most Raptors fans were thinking his load would get managed at the start of cheap canada goose womens the season but he play most of the games near the end of the season.jjpearson 28,898 points submitted 1 month agoWe were inadvertent LARP My friend lived on a mini farm (they had chickens, llamas, and goats) and his mom would make up ziploc bags of monopoly money and hide them all over the place. We would go out and fight imaginary bad guys and canada goose cleaning uk find the bags of money so we could upgrade our gear.I was the cleric so I started with a staff which I upgraded to “silver” (duct tape on the ends) then later to metal (we hammered mountain dew cans as metal end pieces). canada goose uk shop

canadian goose jacket Houston was never in a position to win the league and I have never said they were. I think it fair to canada goose expedition parka black friday call them a mid tier team, but anyone acting like they were low tier in season 1 is likely just extremely bias against them for whatever petty reasons their haters seem to have on a weekly basis.I don sleep on Houston because they have always seemed like a potential break out team to me. Their fans think they are 1 material canada goose outlet reviews and I absolutely disagree with that, but their haters are just as wrong acting like canada goose jacket outlet store they are garbage. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats She also pointed out that once F left, she had stopped talking to him because of this, which was true in the texts. They went from talking nearly every day to nothing instantly. There were also some other things canada goose outlet she pointed out that line up with the texts to suggest that after it happened, she took some canada goose outlet trillium parka black measures to avoid having sex with him again(for example, sharing a bed with someone else when the option to sleep with F was available).. canada goose coats

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uk canada goose Will only take cash, but there an interesting system that I seen at a few places where they take card, but what they do is they top up a prepaid gift card in the amount you need to pay, and then they use that card to pay for the goods. So you end up paying for a prepaid card rather than the weed itself. But I find the whole setup here in CA interesting.Obviously allowing for churches and the like is unfair to the legitimate licensed businesses but on the other hand, the state demand for cannabis can be met with the relatively small amount of legal dispensaries currently in place. uk canada goose

canada goose factory sale My last office was a nightmare. People making fun of others behind their backs, telling management to their faces that daily stand ups are pointless and then just quit attending them, telling people that their code is terrible because they disagree on the phrasing of the comments, etc. But hey, free pizza on Wednesdays! Some places are just toxic and filled with angry, toxic people canada goose factory sale.