I wanna explore space and shit, man

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uk canada goose outlet Theres other tricks like hiding in rooms near spawned ai scavs and waiting for a pmc to come loot one they killed and pop them but it rarely works. But overall Customs is the place to be to live the scav life to the fullest.c4c6e510 1 point submitted cheap canada goose for sale 12 days agoYea ty.If I get a shotgun I go factory and try to “trade up” if its quiet or hide if its loud and wait to pick around.AK/SKS/ADAR/FAL I go Customs because I need to protect myself there and sometimes I can catch someone offguard that looting at dorms or gas station (gotten a lot of good loot this way).Anything small I go Interchange because nothing on Interchange matters, it all super geared players with night vision, I will die if i see anybody. If I am early (The biggest factor in scav runs is when you spawn in at, 55 mins to 45 minutes is when the fights happens, because most of the players come in on opposite sides of the map (if I understand the game correctly) at 59 minutes, and they will all start seeing each other around the 50 minute mark, at least the ones that are looking for fights. uk canada goose outlet

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