It is testament to the 20 year old’s desire to

As my children went through school, I noticed how we parents seemed to expect our kids to be good or get good at everything. If there was an area where they were not naturally gifted, we asked them to focus extra time there, to lean into their discomfort. When I went through school, my cross to bear was foreign language.

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It is an app that takes the need to know information, thousands of nonfiction books and condenses it down into just 15 minutes of reading or audio. I really like using Blinkist when I am on the go to read business classics like Rich Dad Poor Dad or the Four Hour Work Week or I can check out new titles like Business Marketing by Seth Godin. Blinkist has a ton of books recommended by smart people you hear on this very show.

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The museum posts new content for each week. Artful Movement is a video yoga series that suggests practicing gentle yoga inspired by artwork in the gallery. Each session begins with an exploration of one work of art, followed by poses and meditation.

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