It should he about centering yourself and aligning your inner

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Absolutely no one should be concluding that “no collusion” with Russia completely means Trump is now some super innocent guy. It means he is probably innocent of ONE charge among potentially many that he is being investigated for. Also keep in mind that this is one very quickly written summary of a pretty lengthy, thoroughly researched, report from Mueller! There are a LOT more details to come..

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I can see the argument(s) for why 8 pts is too much for Virginia to lay, but I think too many things have to break Oregon’s way, and the likelihood of these things happening against the 1 overall ranked KenPom team isn’t likely.But more importantly, to the main point LSU not only barely got my maryland, they were unimpressive vs Yale as well, a far inferior team. The amount of 3point shot yale missed that game was mindblowing yet they still kept it close and were fighting the whole game. From the start of the tourney the biggest reason to dislike lsu was the fact they dont have their coach believe me it matters.

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