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Currencies US$1.0953/eur vs 1.0940/eur yesterday. Yen 107.68/$ vs 107.42/$. SAr 18.265/$ vs 18.240/$. Several kit brands are being witnessed and the dominant names such as Adidas, Nike and Puma have held the market by storm. The top kit suppliers have their strongest selling strips and enter into sponsorship deals with teams. This means that they continue to supply they teams with the sports gear for the time agreed until the contract expires.

“I think Sabrina has been looking to take this on for quite some time,” Liberty general manager Jonathan Kolb said. “If you look at her overall trajectory over the past four years, it seems that people tend to gravitate to her and it seems like the responsibility almost, if you can call it that, of being that next transcendent player. A player that transcends the game and bridges the gap from the women’s game to the men’s game of that sport.

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