Key to remain competitive in Buchholtz mind is to be crafty in

buy canada goose jacket cheap Hello, in reference to question 2, may I put forward for consideration, that whoever becomes our new moderator, please consider placing a “permanent posting” like this one, “Call For Moderator Applications,” which would “stay at the top of the first page,” reminding, asking, imploring, admonishing. Original posters that, antiques are considered to be 100+ years old, (I personally, am not so sticky on this particular point, as I enjoy seeing items which are, in the very least, rather OLD) and to please, PLEASE., kindly., include, photo(s) of their objet, in its entirety, as well as, any close ups for identification, pics of signatures, hall marks, back stamps, bottoms of pottery and porcelains (even if there are no evident markings), rugs (including backs of rugs), dimensions or something to indicate a sense of scale, and also stating what it is, that the op seeks. Whether it be general information, maker, age, value, provenance, et al? Hopefully this will reduce op laziness and the repetitive concomitant, “could you please post a pic of. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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