Mr Craik, now 63, was alleged to be “shagging” Mrs Peacock, now

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cheap hermes belt New probe into claims ‘police covered up’ sex scandal bust up as Line of Duty cops quiz ex chiefsClaims were made against ex Northumbria Police chief Mike Craik and his Assistant Chief Constable Carolyn Peacock at an employment tribunal two years agoEx Northumbria Police chief Mike Craik (Image: North News Pictures)Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAnti corruption cops are probing an alleged cover up of a “sex scandal” involving a former chief constable.Lurid claims about ex Northumbria Police chief Mike Craik and his Assistant Chief Constable Carolyn Peacock were made at an employment tribunal two years ago.Mr Craik, now 63, was alleged to be “shagging” Mrs Peacock, now 63, whose husband Chief Supt Jim Peacock allegedly punched him at a barbecue in June 2007.Mr Peacock, also 63, is alleged to have gone to Mr Craik’s home hermes birkin replica aaa to confront him after claims of his wife’s alleged infidelity emerged.Mr Craik’s wife Sharon hermes replica birkin bag allegedly hit a panic alarm at the house in Bamburgh, Northumberland, which meant armed cops were called to it.But the employment tribunal into the sacking of the force’s legal chief Denise Aubrey heard that details of the alleged showdown were removed from police logs, with officers ordered not to discuss it.Mum of six tried to kill herself after the police officer who raped her while she was pregnant was let freeNow Northumbria Crime Commissioner Vera Baird has enlisted Staffordshire Police to carry out a review into the claims.It is being led by Det Chief Insp Phil Duffy, head of Staffordshire’s anti corruption unit, who has the North East to talk to senior officers in the case.Ms Aubrey, 54, said: “The timing of this investigation is something I do not understand, given the delay. But I am willing to assist.”The tribunal upheld her sacking for breaching confidentiality over allegations surrounding Mr Craik.Northumbria Police’s legal bill for the tribunal was including the cost of advice to Mr Craik and other ex senior officers.Inspector Paul Gilroy, who was in charge of armed response vehicles, provided a statement to the tribunal in which he said that officers had been deployed at the Craiks’ home in Bamburgh.”This followed the activation of the personal attack alarm,” he said.”Before terminating duty I viewed a computer generated log for the incident to find all the text subject of it had been deleted.”After speaking to officers dispatched to hermes replica birkin the incident, it became apparent why the log had been deleted. The incident apparently involved an altercation between the Chief and Mr Peacock.”Woman yells ‘don’t underestimate the whites’ at black bus passenger in shocking racist rantMr Craik retired in 2010. cheap hermes belt

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