Other events include theatre, comedy performances, cabaret,

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cheap Canada Goose The month long festival is in its seventh year and will kick off with a concert called Bedazzled by Broadway.It will feature Jeanna De Waal, who has appeared in leading New York roles in Kinky Boots and American Idiot, and will soon appear as the title character in a new musical about Diana, Princess of Wales, in San Francisco.That performance on May 4 will start at 7.30pm at St Peter’s Church and will be one of dozens at various locations between May 3 and June 1.Blues guitarist Joe Jammer, whisky voiced Sarah McQuaid, singer and storyteller Pete Castle, Music Night For Dementia, Indo Celtic trio Tyhai, Pons Aelius, Sarah Hinds and the Angel Brothers are some of the other performers.Read MoreBiggest gigs coming to the MidlandsOrganisers of the festival said Tams, who will be joined by accompanist and singer Barry Cooper, has not played in the town for 50 years. The last time he did, as one quarter of folk band Muckram Wakes, he was paid 2/6d two shillings and six old pennies.Other events include theatre, comedy performances, cabaret, workshops and board game days.The festival is run by volunteers and says it works on a “mission” of “inclusivity not exclusivity”. It claims to have had 100,000 visitors since 2013.What’s OnallMost ReadMost RecentShoppingJack Black Epic Moisture range reviewAffordable yet canada goose outlet official effective skincare for men is surprisingly hard to find: the cheaper stuff just doesn’t wash but who wants to pay 50 for a men’s body cream?. cheap Canada Goose

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