“She said Scots must “use their judgment” to

After practices were delayed the disrupted, the stadium was eventually cleaned up and prepared for the tournament. Team India won the U16 tournament’s Division B like their ‘senior’ predecessors, and all was smooth again. In November, the arena hosted an international FIBA World Cup qualifier against Syria.

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cheap jerseys Nicola Sturgeon has urged Scots to use their judgment when easing the lockdown ShutterstockNicola Sturgeon has pleaded with Scots to “stick with” strict lockdown for another five days before using their judgment to decide how they should ease it.The First Minister emphasised that the first phase of her four stage plan to ease the restrictions will not start until next Thursday and Scots should refrain from meeting other households or playing golf over the bank holiday weekend.But the Tories accused her of sowing confusion after she said a five mile travel restriction contained in the first phase of her blueprint was not a “strict limit.”She said Scots must “use their judgment” to interpret the contents of the 46 page document, published on Thursday, which was silent on visiting relatives in other parts of the country.Ms Sturgeon said people could drive longer than five miles to visit elderly parents but should not enter their home to use the bathroom.In practice, she cheap nfl jerseys said that Scots with family further away than a return day trip may have to wait for “another phase” of her blueprint to safely visit them.They may have to book accommodation near family members as they cannot stay overnight. However, hotels and self catering cottages are not expected to reopen until phase three, which will not start until July at the earliest.The rules don’t change until 28 May you must StayAtHome this holiday weekend.Don’t meet people from other households and don’t drive to beauty spots. You should only leave the house if it’s absolutely essential.But the Tories said Ms Sturgeon needs to “nail down” what Scots should and should not be doing “as a matter of urgency or risk widespread confusion when these restrictions are eventually lifted.”Her plan will come into effect more than two weeks after restrictions were eased in England cheap jerseys.