The event is open to all cars built between 1955 and 1980 and

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Hermes Replica Belt In the end, we finished sixth in class out of 17.”I’d like to have been further up, but a finish is a good result after the problems at Knockhill. There are four weeks to go until the next round at Snetterton and I’m sure we’ll be pushing for a class win.”Rally cars of an older generation will be heading off from Clydebank next Wednesday to compete in the Monte Carlo Classic Rally. The event is open to all cars built between 1955 and 1980 and the start is from 6pm at Aurora Avenue next to West best hermes replica College Scotland.The Greater Glasgow area has again been selected as Hermes Kelly Replica one of the start points and drivers will cover 1350 miles by the time they meet up with other entrants setting off from Athens in Greece, Bad Homburg in Germany, the Italian city of Milan, Barcelona in Spain and Reims in France.Shedden on track for World Touring Car Cup successAll of the competitors then set off on the Saturday morning for four days of gruelling winter stages that culminate in Monaco on Tuesday, February 5.Among the starters from Clydebank at 6pm on Wednesday are James Andrew and Keith Woodburn in their Jaguar Mk2, Christopher Mockridge and James Varney piloting an Austin A40, and Gordon and David Glen, who will be driving an Opel Kadett GTE.Spectators can view the cars from 3pm onwards and there’s also a heritage run of other classics that will accompany the rally contenders to Dumfries.In the warmer climate of Mexico, David Coulthard put in a strong performance in the Race of Champions, but was knocked out in the early stages.He said: “It’s always huge fun to take part and compete against the best drivers in the world Hermes Replica Belt.