Then my point is moot to you if you aren the sort to care or

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When race day rolls around, time goals are great, but so are non time based goals. Come up with a few goals in such a way that if you achieved them all, regardless of your pace, you would be totally satisfied with your effort. I like to focus on starting smart, cresting every hill with 10 fast steps, and being 100% honest with myself (can I push harder? Am I injured or just tired? Am I mentally quitting or is my body actually as sore as I think it is? Can I access that fast gear a different way?).

cheap canada goose uk Also, I would NEVER, EVER suggest getting CA minimum. 15/30/5 is nowhere near enough for any claim. I suggest getting minimum 100/300/100 to make sure you are not personally financially responsible for anything that may happen. Then my point is moot to you if you aren the sort to care or dig deeper into the lore as I enjoy doing through both games. Sure the game needs to be fun but fun for me isnt the same as everyone else. My girl and I walk around playing detective as many of the so called props all tell some kind of narrative or “A” happened because of “B” cheap canada goose uk.