This book has a very clear description of the three

glass collection Shoes in Miniature

Vaseline Glass Comparison of Original vs. ReproductionThe differences are visibly apparent in all the photos. Above, the original has a clearer, less gaudy color and finer features when compared to the re production.

This difference in detail and clarity of the glass is obvious. 010 on the right, 011 on the left.

cheap Canada Goose This is a highly detailed and crisp rendition of a daisy and square pattern. Again the original shoe. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Online This shoe has less depth and sharpness in detail and the glass is canada goose outlet uk sale thicker. This pattern is daisy and button. This shoe is the re production. Canada Goose Online

Information was gathered from personal records, Collectible Glass Shoes by Earlene Wheatley, published by Schroeder Publishing, 2001 and Shoes of Glass 2 by Libby Yalom, published by The Glass Press, 1998.

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canada goose coats on sale This miniature Vaseline glass slipper measures 3 1/4 long x 1 3/4 high. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale It has a solid heel canada goose outlet niagara falls and a solid toe, and is considered a salt cellar by salt collectors. They are often collected in sets of 6 or 8, each cellar a different color. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose The shoe is pressed in cheap canada goose womens jackets the daisy and square pattern (most of this style shoe have a daisy and button pattern) and was made circa 1880s by George Duncan Sons. It is easy to see the daisy shaped canada goose outlet flowers and the small raised squares. The other pattern has very distinguishable canada goose outlet florida buttons (circles) instead of the squares. They were originally made in blue, vaseline, crystal and some were ruby stained. canada goose

Although some of these shoes have a patent mark on the sole, this one does not. The earliest record of patent registration was October 19, 1886. Shoes made earlier than this have no mark. This particular style of shoe was listed for purchase in trade circulars and catalogs as early as 1884.

The sole is finely hatch marked and there is no overhang over the sole.

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Canada Goose Outlet This baby bootie is made of Vaseline glass which was discussed in length in the following post. Wood Memorial Collection. It is 4 1/8 x 2 1/2, has a ribbed vamp (upper) and two flowers at the front opening. The rest of the shoe is in a very small, finely cut diamond pattern and their is ribbing on the back. Canada Goose Outlet

There are three varieties of this shoe known today. The above shoe, maker unknown, has a very wide round toe and the overall opening is the largest of the three. The original shoe was made circa 1886 by the Duncan Company. It has a point at the toe and the opening is the widest of the three known types of shoes. Some Duncan booties are marked PAT’D. OCT. 19/86 canada goose jacket outlet toronto on the sole. This bootie was made in crystal, amber, blue and Vaseline. The second manufacturer known was the Fenton Glass Co. of canada goose factory outlet winnipeg Williamstown, WV. They made the booties in 1938 39 in several colors including Vaseline. The bootie was made again in the 1950 through 1970s, but not in the Vaseline color.

Detail of the two flowers at the front opening of the shoe. Ribbed back with detailed diamond pattern on the back of the sides. The sole of the shoe has a large open toe with solid closed heel.

Estimated date of manufacture is circa 1930s. This shoe was purchased at Bloomington Antique Mall in Bloomington, IL in July of 2001 for $55. Estimated collector value is $70.

Information from Shoes of Glass and Shoes of Glass, 2 by Libby Yalom, published by The Glass Press, 1989. This book has a very clear description of the three manufacturers of this shoe and a photograph showing the varieties and specifications of the different soles. A photograph of this shoe is on page 74 of Wheatley first book.

Here the scoop. canada goose outlet winnipeg My grandmother collected miniature shoes nearly her entire life. I loved her shoe collection and would plead to with canada goose factory outlet the shoes whenever I could. I loved each shoe so much, I would even spend the occasional Saturday morning dusting the shoe cabinet and each individual shoe. I was the only relative that showed any interest in her shoes and when she died in March, 1993 at the age of 91, she willed all the miniature shoes to me.

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Not exactly. More like, uh, maybe canada goose shop robbed 650.

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So now I going to work on my macro photo techniques, research each of the shoes, and catalog/document them all in this blog. I try to feature at least one shoe a day and I probably have enough shoes to make this a two year job. Eventually I going to convert this blog into a full fledged website. That cheap canada goose decoys the long term goal.