We can no longer listen to the media or any talking heads on

Seat belt laws were pushed through by the medical industry and the insurance industry. You are in a car. You are meat and liquid with some frail bones, wrapped in a thin layer of skin. I had a fare that was a bit more difficult than the others. After that fare I pick up this white dude and he asks how my night is, and I tell him about this previous fare. First question was, was he black or Spanish or Muslim, whatever it was, I don’t remember.

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Release all documents. The report, the FISA warrants, FBI agent’s text messages and testimony and anything else related to this investigation on both sides. We can no longer listen to the media or any talking heads on TV. I conscious, talking fine, no biggie. They only had one bed in the ambulance, so my buddy was lying canada goose outlet store uk on it, and I was sitting hunched over on the bench for the ride (I wish I was joking). We get to the hospital, and I try to pull myself up to get out of the ambulance.

I personally find what he did vulgar. We have young children down my street and urinating in a residential space, in day light at the end of someone’s drive is just disrespectful, unhygienic and gross. I’ve never ever needed to get out of my vehicle and pee on someone’s driveway, so why should someone else?.

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