You could imagine this as bunch of those square shaped lego

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When I have to go for something random during the week, it infuriating, and it always the same story. Karen decides to just STOP WALKING on her way to the register and now I and the people behind me have almost caused a ten cart pile up. Mikayla and her four children are blocking the entire frozen aisle, and no amount of “excuse me” at varying volumes is helping. canada goose fleece uk

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I wrote this letter and all canada goose I can think to do with it is burn it. To rid the universe of those thoughts once and for all. To rid my heart of them, and especially, finally, of you.. Fair warning, you can get burnt out pretty quick. It’s demanding work that requires your full attention, significant investment of time, a solid short term memory, and natural organization skills. As someone who would also describe themselves as naturally introverted, I have to mention the difficulty of having to be “on” all day every day, with very little control over one’s schedule both at and after work..

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